Marc Reugebrink


Marc Reugebrink (b. 1960) is a Dutch essayist, poet and writer. He studied Dutch literature and linguistics at the University of Groningen. In 1998 he moved to Ghent, which resulted in his acquiring Belgian nationality in 2011. Already during his studies Reugebrink worked as an editor, first at the Herfstschrift literary festival and later also for De XXIe eeuw and De Gids. Today he regularly publishes opinion pieces in De Morgen and De Standaard newspapers and writes reviews in the literary magazine De Groene Amsterdammer. Since 2013 he has been co-chairman of the Flemish Authors Association.

Reugebrink made his debut in 1988 with a collection of poems called Komgrond, for which he was awarded the Van der Hoogt Prize. Ten years later he published his first novel, Wild vlees, which was adapted into a play that was staged in cities including Nijmegen and Amsterdam. His novel Het grote uitstel (2007) was awarded the Golden Book-Owl. His latest book, Het Belgisch huwelijk (2014), brings a story about love, but also about a sense of identity, alienation and belonging. Reugebrink's work has been nominated for the Libris Literature Prize and the AKO Literature Prize. His work is published by the literary publisher De Bezige Bij.  

In 2010, Passa Porta invited the author for a residency in Estonia. Afterwards he said that this kind of separation from everyday life had proved very fruitful for his productivity. During his stay in Het Lijsternest he wants to find inspiration for his sixth novel. 


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